Our Car and Truck repairs are done with the highest quality parts using 
the best mechanics. Avoid costly automotive repairs by letting us do all 
your car and truck maintenance. Over 55 years. You will be glad.

Rockford Auto Repair at a Trusted Rockford Car Repair Shop

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Auto Repair at Ellis and Ellis

Welcome to Ellis and Ellis we take pride in our Rockford Car Repair Shop. We are Family owned and believe ourselves to be one of the most complete and trusted Rockford auto repair shops. Our shop has been at the same location for over 55 years. We walk the talk and will not mislead you about any of your Repairs.

If you have been in any other repair situations you will know the Affordability and Great Value we provide our Rockford customers. Some of our customers come here from as far away as the Loves Park and Belvidere Area for their Auto Repairs. Please come in and become our life long customer and friend. We appreciate your business.

Ken Ellis, Rockford car repair shop owner

Car Repair Shop Rockford

Oil changes are right at the top of must things to do with your car or truck. Its the life blood of a vehicle. You keep your oil fresh and your car will last longer.

Choosing Your Rockford Auto Repair Shop

Motorists should start thinking over getting their cars or trucks prepared for the busy Winter or Summer driving season. Considering hectic schedules and complex vehicle systems, many drivers prefer to be able to bring their cars to local repair shops as compared with performing the task themselves. We offer you these tips for finding an suitable repair shop.

  • Ask how long the business has been around.
  • Are they reasonable and affordable?
  • Plug in the company name Ellis and Ellis car repair Rockford as an example into search engines like Yahoo and Google.
  • Only use major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Aol search engines.
  • Arrange for alternative transportation.
  • Search for courteous employees willing to answer inquires!
  • Is there a charge for diagnostics?
  • What are the estimated repair costs? We do a free repair cost estimate include.
  • Will the shop be able to handle the kind of car or truck repair you need.
  • Look for evidence of qualified technicians.

Ellis and Ellis have been in the same location for over 50 years. Our staff is knowledgeable, courteous and respectful. We believe our truck and car repair prices to be the best in the Rockford, Illinois area.