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16 Important Car and Truck Maintenance Tips!

Make certain you do not neglect to have a trained auto mechanic do regular maintenance and repairs to your car. I believe the absolute best automobile repairs are done by Ellis and Ellis automobile repair shop in Rockford.  If they were not best auto mechanics, no way could they have had the same Rural and Prospect Rockford location for over 60 years. The same customers keep coming back year after year.

The Flowing are Important Car and truck Maintenance Tips!

  1. If you are actually not able to self-inspect your vehicle let Ellis and Ellis perform the inspections.
  2. Make certain all your lighting is actually operating.
  3. Inspect the pressure in your tires on a weekly basis. Carry a tire pressure pen in your car at all times. Doing this benefits your tires, gets you much better gas mileage.
  4. Learn how to examine your car liquids. Check your antifreeze, electrical power guiding, coolant, or perhaps your wiper liquid. You must find out effective ways to check these liquid amounts.
  5. Keep your tires rotated and aligned.
  6. Even though your car guidebook does not have a lot of information regarding your gear box and brake fluid do not hesitate to open up the hood and check. Always ask us and we will answer your questions.
  7. Check out your car timing and serpentine engine belts. Be sure to have your mechanic replace them if they are in bad shape.
  8. Your oil must be changed on a regular basis. Ask us at Ellis and Ellis and we give you the correct mileage to change your oil.
  9. Check the car battery and clean its contacts.  Always keep a spare battery in the trunk.
  10. Don’t just blindly follow the 3,000 mile myth because most vehicles can be as high as 10,000 miles.
  11. Replace cabin filter when they get dirty.
  12. Always keep your windows clean. Change the wipers if worn.
  13. Always replace the engine filter when it shows sign of being dirty. The performance of your car will greatly improve.
  14. Get your tires rotated and balanced. You want the tires to wear evenly. The car will drive better.
  15. Tire alignment is just as important. Proper alignment and tire rotation will keep your car or truck driving straight and true. It will handle better.
  16. Do not forget to change your spark plugs. They are difficult to reach on some car and truck models.  Tell your mechanic to check them for you.

Remember, preventive maintenance can save you lots of money. Call Ellis and Ellis in Rockford for all your car and pickup repair needs. Call us at 815.965.0336